Town Center Resale Packet

Selling your home in Town Center?

If you are selling your home in Columbia Town Center, you will need to provide your buyer with a resale packet. This packet includes all the governing documents of both the Town Center Community Association and the Columbia Association.

We encourage sellers to get the documents asap after signing a contract.  The buyer has a 5-day rescission period after receiving the HOA documents so the seller usually wants the documents sent quickly.

There are two options for obtaining a resale packet.

  1. Download all the documents below free of charge.
  2. Purchase a hard copy online for $25 and it will be mailed to you.

*These documents are for the Village of Town Center only. To check your Village by street name, click here

Any questions, please email Covenant Advisor, at [email protected].  We do NOT accept CASH at Historic Oakland for payment of Town Center Resale Packets.

Download and save all the following documents to bring to settlement.

TCCA Welcome Letter
TCCA Budget
TCCA Request for Letter of Compliance Form
TCCA Application for Exterior Alteration
TCCA Application for In-Home Business
TCCA Articles of Incorporation
TCCA Residential Covenants
TCCA By-Laws
TCCA Liber 463, Exhibit A
TCCA Architectural Guidelines

Columbia Association governing documents can be downloaded here (click the link below).