Grant Requests

Deadline: March 20 5:00 PM EST EACH YEAR (No Exceptions)…..CLOSED UNTIL March 20, 2025

The Columbia Town Center Residential Community Association is a 501 (C) (4) social service organization that serves the residents of the Village of Town Center. We give back to the organizations and groups of Town Center where our residents live, work, play and go to school. We only support organizations that have programs and goals that are consistent with our mission:

We advocate for quality of life, to increase social engagement, and to foster a sense of community and safety for all in our mixed-use neighborhoods.

Only charitable 501(c)3 organizations and schools are eligible to apply for grants.

To be considered for a grant/donation the following must be completed:

  • Complete our online grant/donation application and submit the form prior to the deadline of March 20 5:00 PM EST EACH YEAR.
  • Submit the application with the requested supporting documentation or the request will not be considered, e.g., IRS Tax Return, Form 990, organization budget and other requested report; itemized list of expenses for your project. No exceptions.
  • Provide documentation that your organization serves the residents of Town Center and/or the broader Howard County community and is a 501(c)3 organization or school.

Approved grants/donations will be reviewed and distributed in April of each year, which is consistent with our fiscal year and IRS tax filing deadlines.

Grant Form Click Here