Managing Sugar Addiction and Cravings Workshop

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Historic Oakland
5430 Vantage Point Road
Lisa Colavita

If you struggle to reduce your sugar intake or to keep your cravings in check, you’re not alone. Sugar is one of the most pervasive—and addicting—substances in our food supply today. In this workshop, we’ll explore how sugar affects the body, as well as the factors that contribute to sugar cravings (and food cravings in general). We’ll also review effective strategies for breaking free from your sugar addiction and keeping your cravings under control.

$10/Town Center Residents

$15/Non-Town Center Residents

Dominique Alessi is a former Silicon Valley professional who left the tech industry to pursue her dream of helping others live healthier and happier lives. She now runs a health coaching practice, where she helps ambitious, hard-working professionals re-prioritize and refresh their health so they can unleash their most powerful and authentic selves. By exploring tools like healthy foods, exercise, and self-care—as well as ways to integrate these into a busy lifestyle—she helps individuals overcome the mental fog, fatigue, and stress holding them back, and find the vigor, joy, and freedom of a wholesome and fulfilling life.

Dominique earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, where she focused on the
application of computational tools to solve problems in the medical world. During her time at Stanford, she also
earned her personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise. She has since earned additional
certifications for indoor cycling, Barre Above, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.

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