SASS 1 – Fundamentals of Women’s Self Defense

Monday, March 9, 7-9pm

Empowerment begins here! Learn to harness the strength of your mind, body and voice to defend yourself in the most common assault scenarios.

Get into the heart of SASS Defense with our foundational course designed to train women of all ages for some of the most common assault scenarios. Uncover the power that resides in you. Harness the strengths of your body, voice and mind while targeting the weaknesses of your assailant. No prior training is required. All fitness levels welcome!

Why should you take a SASS course? Check out our testimonials page to read what others have to say about the life-changing power of a SASS course: You can also check out our social media (FB, Instagram) @sassgo or @sassgoalex to see what a SASS class is like.

Ages 14 and Up: Participants under the age of 14 may be permitted, but a parent or guardian must speak with the instructor prior to registration to make sure that they are comfortable with the topics being discussed. All participants under 18 will require a guardian’s signature on their liability form. Contact the instructor at for a form that can be printed and signed prior to the class.

About the Instructor – Alex Duncan

Alex Duncan is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. She took her first SASS class at USC, where it was offered as a P.E. course. She found the knowledge, physical skills, confidence, and sense of power that she gained throughout the course to be addictively invigorating and pursued instructorship under the training of the President & Founder of SASS Go, Shannon Henry. Alex achieved her first level of certification in March 2016 and her second level in January 2018. She teaches classes in the Washington-Baltimore Metro Area.

Alex is passionate about lifting up other women. She loves SASS because it helps women replace self-doubt with self-assurance, self-criticism with self-confidence, and worry, fear, and pain with knowledge and power. She loves SASS because it proves that when women lift each other up, they form strong communities that change the world.

In addition to teaching women’s self-defense classes, Alex is also pursuing a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University in order to expand her ability to help women and girls who have suffered sexual and relationship violence.

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