Approved Village Board Minutes:

TCCA Minutes January 2018 Approved
TCCA Minutes February 2018 Approved

TCCA Minutes January 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes February 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes March 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes April 2017 Approved
TCCA Approved Minutes May 2017
TCCA Approved Minutes June 2017
TCCA Minutes 7-12-17 Approved
TCCA Minutes August 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes September 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes October 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes November 2017 Approved
TCCA Minutes December 2017 Approved

TCCA Approved Minutes January 2016
TCCA Approved Minutes February 2016
TCCA Approved Minutes March 2016
TCCA Approved Minutes April 2016
TCCA Approved Minutes May 2016
TCCA Approved Minutes June 2016
TCCA Minutes July 2016 Approved
TCCA Minutes August 2016 Approved
TCCA Minutes September 2016 Approved
TCCA Minutes October 2016 Approved
TCCA Minutes November 2016 Approved

Letters and Testimony by the Village Board:

Letter to the County Council regarding the 2014 County Budget

Letter to DPZ Regarding Phase 1 of the Crescent Neighborhood

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